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Did you ever wonder who takes care of the students living at The Orchid House of Santa Barbara? We have two resident advisors and one person who is on property during the night. 24 hours a day, there is staff on property to help.

Francine has the mothering instinct and a degree in special education with focus on teenagers with behavioral disorders. She always has an open ear and loves to help. Being from Germany, she also understands the difficulties that an international student might encounter, by living in Santa Barbara. She loves her job and likes to organize House events, give cooking and baking classes. Need a creative idea for a gift or a class, Francine is your go to person. Francine has lived in Santa Barbara for over 10 years and she knows this Central Coast paradise in and out. Ask her about what to do in Santa Barbara and she has many suggestions. Come live with us and get to know her.

An International students housing will also love to be in housing close to downtown and the beach. And for the SBCC athletes you get a little workout by walking up the steps to SBCC.

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The Orchid House offers fully furnished dorm rooms. All you need to bring is bedding, clothes and some personal items. There is a gourmet breakfast every morning which consists of home baked muffins and granola, cereal, yoghurt, toast, jam, Nutella, peanut butter, fresh fruit and one egg dish, which changes daily. Not to forget, there is coffee, tea, water and juice. The dinner menu changes daily for example, beef stroganoff with noodles and broccoli. There is always a salad, bread and butter. Vegetarian options are also available. And no meal is complete without dessert from pudding to cookies. The day will end on a sweet note.

Orchid house give you a best student residence hall with doubles, triples or quadruples. Breakfast, snacks and dinner are included. Just at the bottom of City college.

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After living at home, living with a roommate, might be challenging at first. But that is all part of the college experience. And often times your roommate will turn into a lifelong friend.

While living at the Orchid House of Santa Barbara, you are close to all sorts of activities. We are just a few steps away from tennis courses, and the beaches with its volley ball, surfing and swimming. And there is La Playa Stadium, which you can use for your own work outs. The stadium steps are one excellent option, and then there is the track. Plus you get to watch excellent Santa Barbara City College Football or soccer.

The Orchid House of Santa Barbara provides a SBCC Residence Hall and also fully furnished college dorm rooms and student apartments for SBCC students in Santa Barbara, California.

Source : http://sbccresidencehall.blogspot.in/2013/12/living-at-orchid-house-student-residence.html

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The Orchid House of Santa Barbara is a delightful and stylish Student Residence Hall. An enjoyable and secure accommodation to study, relax and feel at home in its charming atmosphere.

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The Orchid House of Santa Barbara is a stylish SBCC Student Residence Hall located right across the street from the Santa Barbara City College in West Beach Santa Barbara.

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A dorm style student residence. Just steps away from Santa Barbara City College. It’s a safe, gated residence to start student life. In your rates are…

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Enjoy a great experience while attending Santa Barbara City College by living in the most popular Student Residence Hall in the Santa Barbara area.

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